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Timber Technical

Easifold timber doors are custom made timber folding sliding doors.  Available in engineered softwood, hardwood or oak with a choice of opening configurations, sill details and paint or stain finishes.  We offer a wide range of glazing options with triple glazing available on all our products.

Multi-layer timber sections with opposing grains, balances warping and combats twisting
The use of multi-layer timber is long established in Britain for long span timber structures in demanding environments such as swimming pools and bridges. In common use on the continent, but very rare in Britain, is the use for window and door sections. This multi-layer structure is particularly effective in resisting warping and twisting as the opposing grains even out natural moisture movement. And It is the twisting of timber during wet weather, more than the swelling itself, which causes windows and doors to stick. Multi-layer timber sections are used as standard throughout our range.

The Easifold timber folding sliding door system is top hung with the bottom guided on an aluminium track, tested to over 50,000 cycles.  In addition to the multi- point locking system, our glazing is internally beaded for additional security.

Easifold timber products are factory finished in Sikkens micro porous paints and stains for a durable surface with minimal maintenance.
For painted finishes you can choose from any RAL.  RAL is an industry standard for accurately defining paint colours so if you wish to match your our products with any existing timber you can also purchase the correct RAL colour to repaint these too.

Our Easifold folding sliding door systems are available in widths up to 6 metres and to a maximum height of 2.7m.  Each panel can be a maximum of 850mm in width and 80kg in weight.  Larger spans can be accommodated to special order.

For information on many of the opening configurations available, please click on the door configurator to view options. 

When viewing the configurations please note that the doors are always viewed from the outside looking into the property.

Thermal Qualities of Glass

UK Building Regulations state that all new-build projects should be fitted with doors and windows with overall product U-values of 2.0 or less.  Our Easifold timber range has surpassed this benchmark by a considerable margin with the folding sliding doors returning results as low as 1.1.

In the last few years the number of options in glass specification has increased exponentially with literally thousands of combinations being possible and yet the basic requirement for heat insulation has remained paramount.

The unit of measurement recognised by the building industry in defining the amount of heat lost through a material or an item used in the building envelope is the U-Value. Measured in W/m2K (Watts per metre squared, Kelvin) the value is indicative of the amount of heat that passes through one m2 of a material or building component in a time unit during a temperature differential of 1 degree Kelvin between the interior and exterior air. It therefore follows that the lower the value the better the thermal insulation of the material / component.

Two different U-Value figures are commonplace within the glazing industry; the Ug, which is the U-Value of the glass itself (or the ‘centre-pane’ U-Value as its otherwise known) and the Uw value, the overall U-value of the window i.e. glass plus frame.
The Ug, the centre pane value, is a constant figure dependant upon which glass is relates to. The Uw, the overall value, is difficult to define as it relies upon a complex equation that takes into account the amount of glass, the amount of frame, the thickness of frame and the type of gaskets (amongst other factors) to arrive at the end figure. All these factors will be different for each size, shape and configuration of window and of course the resultant U-Value will change accordingly. For this reason the centre pane U-Value is most commonly used.

As a rough guide the following may be used:

Uw Value from 2.0 to 1.7 – standard performance
Uw Value from 1.7 to 1.4 – good performance
Uw Value from 1.4 to 1.0 – very good performance
Uw Value from 1.0 to 0.8 – high performance
Uw Value below 0.8 – Exceeds PassivHaus standard – exceptional performance.

Threshold Options

We offer a range of folding sliding door sill options, drawings of each type can be supplied on request..

Should you need any advice on which sill is suitable for your project, please call our experienced Design Team to discuss further.

Please note that whoever you choose of buy your doors from, a totally flush sill can never be rated against severe weather and this fact will always be noted in the small print. 

We make this fact very clear and have a specially designed severe weather rated sill with a stop that the doors seal against….called a rebated sill.